All Time Low – Nothing Personal (2009) Album Review

All Time Low - Nothing Personal album artwork

Track Listing

1. Weightless
2. Break Your Little Heart
3. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)
4. Lost In Stereo
5. Stella
6. Sick Little Games
7. Hello, Brooklyn
8. Walls
9. Too Much
10. Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal
11. A Party Song (The Walk Of Shame)
12. Therapy


Overall Impression


Great sounding album, it’s certainly an album that you expect a band like All Time Low to release. As you would expect, the album is full of high energy, emotional pop/punk/rock songs such as ‘Break Your Little Heart’ and ‘Lost In Stereo’, which are heavily guitar driven and give powerful layered vocal performances from Gaskath. Songs like ‘Walls’ give the impression that ATL were trying to experiment with new sounds, from the synthesisers used to the vocal effects, it will be interesting to see if Gaskath uses a vocal effects processor during live performances or instead uses backing tracks. Overall this is definitely an album to play live, you can almost picture the sheer excitement of audiences singing along with the track list. My only critisism for the album is that ‘Too Much’ and ‘Therapy’ were the only songs that you can hear a real honesty to All Time Low’s writing, I understand that their record label [Interscope], the producers and songwriters involved with the album get in the way of a band’s artistry, but I just wish that this album had more of them kind of songs on it. I cannot fault anything else with this album.


Favourite Song

A song which really surprised me on this album was ‘Too Much’, from the autotuned processed vocals at the beginning of the song to the layers of synths used to give the track a haunting, nostalgic sound. This track was my personal favourite, mainly because the dynamics of the song builds up so well, and knowing that this song was the antithesis of an attempt to gain chart success, it really emphasises an honesty to all time low’s songwriting.


Sounds Similar to


Boys Like Girls, Good Charlotte, All-American Rejects.



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