Kris Allen – Album (2009) Review


Track Listing

1. Live Like We’re Dying
2. Before We Come Undone
3. Can’t Stay Away
4. The Truth
5. Written All Over My Face
6. Bring It Back
7. Red Guitar
8. Is It Over
9. Let It Rain
10. Alright With Me

11. Lifetime
12. I Need To Know
13. No Boundaries
14. Send Me All Your Angels


Overall Impression


For the most part, Kris Allen really nailed his first album post American Idol. After winning the show back in 2009, he released his first self-titled album.

The album starts with a few great songs, including ‘Live Like We’re Dying’ which has a similar sound to ‘The Script’, this is because Danny from the script co-wrote this song, it’s a song which gives a more Pop/R&B vibe regarding the vocals, whilst maintaining a pop/rock overall sound. Another stand out song which made this album a sure statement is ‘The Truth’, it was co-written by Pat Monaghan from ‘Train’ who features on the single release, this song is a heart feltsoft rock ballad, where Allen describes trying to keep a relationship together whilst it is crumbling around him. Kris really shows off his vocal chops in this album, and that’s apparent in ‘The Truth’ and ‘No Boundaries’ especially. Sometimes I think Kris wasnt given the credit he deserved in American Idol, being the opponent to Queen’s lead singer Adam Lambert, I mean he could outsing anyone.

Songs like ‘I need to know’ and ‘Send me all your angels’ really highlight Allen’s ability to display his emotions, with the stripped back instrumentation, you can hear the pure meaning behind every word that Kris sings.


I have to say that this is a very diverse sounding album, which was a surprise considering I had figured the record label [RCA Records] would ask him to sing strictly pop songs. However, with the range of slow break up songs, anthemic ballads and fast paced vocal songs, it really makes an impressive 1st album for the American Idol winner.


Favourite Song

So I’m going to pick two songs here, I hope you guys & girls don’t mind. I have to say that the pure intensity and emotion of ‘The Truth’ really hits home with myself, I think this was an incredible single, however it didnt get the level of success that I had expected. The other song I have to pick is ‘I Need To Know’, with it’s slow piano accompliament alongside the vocal fry used on the first few vocal lines, leading to a┬áballad-like ending, the song truly takes the listener on a journey.


Sounds similar to

The Fray, Green River Ordinance, Train

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